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Low-cost mobile apps for independent schools

Are you interested in developing a mobile app for your school but need a cost-effective solution that allows you to control, edit, and update the information yourself? Look no further than our mobile apps, which connect your stakeholders with directory and contact information, school forms, calendars, and more.

Our Mobile Apps for Schools

  • FOR APPLE AND ANDROID - We develop a customized app for your school and make all of the arrangements to deploy it on the iOS Store and Google Play Store.
  • UPDATES ARE EASY - All of the school calendar data is pulled from your own Google Calendars, so changes made at the school are immediately updated in the app. The directory information, for teachers, parents, etc., is stored in a shared Google Sheet, so edits can be made quickly and easily by school staff. Again, the app will update in real time.
  • SECURITY - Sensitive app features, such as a parent and student directory, are password-protected, so only your families can access the information.
  • MULTIPLE DIVISIONS - The app platform is suitable for small schools with a single division (and one faculty list, school calendar, etc.) and those that want to allow users to sort by divisions, publish multiple calendars, and more.
  • OUT-OF-THE-BOX OR CUSTOM SOLUTIONS - We can deploy your low-cost mobile app within days using our pre-built templates, or if you prefer, we can develop a custom app that integrates with your SIS, website, or other data sources.

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